One on One Personalized Training

Getting into your best shape can be challenging with a busy schedule and all of life’s obstacles. Being unsure of how to start a fitness programs may feel overwhelming. You may be someone who is new to an exercise program or someone who needs to strengthen an injury or maybe someone who just needs the discipline, accountability and direction to reach your best physical condition. All of these are good reasons to work with a personal trainer. One size does not fit all when it comes to fitness training. The value in hiring a personal fitness trainer is to have someone with professional experience to work side by side with you. In our training sessions we: -Assess your level of fitness and help you with realistic goals. -Ensure proper workout form to prevent injuries that could slow your progress. -Design a workout program that will keep you motivated, keep training interesting and on keep you on track for your goals.

What happens in our one on one sessions?
First we assess your current fitness level. You may be starting over or just starting, but an assessment helps us determine a path for you. With a series of functional movements we evaluate posture, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance and balance.

What exercises do we focus on with clients?
Functional movement for strength is our primary focus. Our workouts are designed with movements you do in your everyday life paired with strength training to build muscle and core strength. We also include exercises for balance, coordination, cardio endurance and body weight strength. Yes, your body is going to change!

How many times a week is best for training?
We will make recommendations but, this is up to the individuals time. Each additional day of training adds more health benefits, more challenge for your body and more change. No training session is the same, we change it up to keep your body challenged and you from getting bored!

Will I get assistance with my nutrition?
We are not nutritionist, but are Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Though extensive training, we understand a healthily eating lifestyle and can help you navigate obstacles which may be preventing you from your goals. We can help you understand your relationship with food and support healthy lifestyle goals. Changing old habits for new will increase energy and mood.

Workout Sessions
We offer 30 minute or 55 minute private personalized sessions.
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