Nutrition and Weight Management

Exercise is one pillar of health, but proper diet, rest and recovery are just as important to reach your physical potential.

We use a holistic approach when coaching our clients on nutrition, and we offer nutritional assistance that goes hand-in-hand with your fitness routine.

As part of your training we show you how to incorporate healthy, natural, whole foods into your busy day. You’ll also learn how processed foods affect your results and overall fitness goals. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to what you eat, so we help you define a custom plan that will work for you.

All DefineIt personal training clients receive nutritional assistance as part of their sessions. In these sessions we share in-depth food and lifestyle tips that improve health and maximize training results. Phone or Skype appointments are also available for our distance clients.

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Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and Flexibility is a methodical approach to more available flexibility. Learn and practice safe stretching and flexibility which will help decrease the likelihood of injuries. The targeted results are to feel increased strength and feel better in your body!

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