1. How do hire a fitness consultant/ personal trainer at Defineit?

It’s easy to find fitness professional to work with at DefineIt. Just fill out the contact form, text or call us at 650-888-4064.
There are no high-pressure sales from us; we only work with clients who want to make lifestyle changes.

Once we receive your request we will contact to meet with a professional best suited for your needs.

2. What is the investment for a personal fitness trainer?

The costs vary depending on the experience level of the trainer you work with and how often you train. The costs generally
range from $75 to $110 per session (50 minutes).

3. What happens during my training session?

Each session is designed for your individual fitness level and goals. We work with you to design a program that includes,
strength training, flexibility and cardio vascular training. You will see changes right away in these areas with two sessions per week.

4. How often do I need to meet with my fitness trainer?

The amount of sessions will be determined by your fitness goals. Most clients train two to three times per week to get the best results.
We won’t ask you to do more sessions than you need to achieve your goal. Our training schedules are full so we want to provide
an efficient program that gets results.

5. Do you offer nutritional guidance and weight loss plans with your programs?

Yes. If you are interested in loosing weight with your program, we provide nutritional guidance that is easy to understand and follow.
The program is designed to meet your lifestyle. Our programs have been successful with all clients who follow the plans consistently.

6. I want to ask questions about your programs, but don’t want continued sales calls or to sign up yet.

Don’t worry, if you are not interested in our programs…. we move on. There is no need for us to pressure anyone into anything.
Our schedules are full, so we only wok with clients who want to make a change.

7. Is DefineIt open to everyone for services and fitness training?

Yes, we are available to every one of all ages, but the studio is private and by appointment only. The studio is
private to clients, clean and plenty of parking. There is no need to be afraid of others watching, judging or
comparing your fitness level during your session. We are not a gym.

“Are you ready to take charge of your life?”