Greater than 50 Sessions

Now may be the time in your life when your are mentally focused to be in your best physical condition. The time may be now with kids gone, or headed for early retirement or maybe already retired. Or maybe your doctor has encouraged a lifestyle change. Personal training is for everyone at every stage of life. We offer one on one personal training sessions for all ages and this program focuses on what you need at this stage of your life. Our Greater than 50 programs are designed for each client’s individual needs based on health conditions or illness, past and current injury, or just fear of starting a workout program on your own.

What happens in our one on one sessions?
First we assess your current fitness level. You may be starting over or just starting, but an assessment helps us determine a path for you. With a series of functional movements we evaluate posture, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance and balance.

What exercises do we focus on with clients?
Functional movement for strength is our primary focus. Our workouts are designed with movements you do in your everyday life paired with strength training to build muscle and core strength. We also include exercises for balance, coordination, cardio endurance and body weight strength.

How many times a week is best for training?
We will make recommendations but, this is up to the individuals time. Each additional day of training adds more benefit and more challenge for your body. No training session is the same, we change it up to keep your body challenged and you from getting bored!

Will I get assistance with my nutrition?
We are not nutritionist, but are Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Though extensive training, we understand a healthily eating lifestyle and can help you navigate obstacles which may be preventing you from your goals. We can help you understand your relationship with food and support healthy lifestyle goals. Changing old habits for new will increase energy and mood.

Workout Sessions
We offer 30 minute or 55 minute private personalized sessions.
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