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DefineIt is a private Personal Training Studio. Unlike a gym, our sessions are private and personalized. We offer a variety of personal training packages and small group classes.

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It’s 50 minutes per day. Five days a week. Think you can you handle it?

Get ready to see how your body is capable of changing! Invest just six weeks with us and see what your body’s capable of doing. Every client that followed through with the program plan saw dramatic results at the end of the six-week program.

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Exercise is one pillar of health, but proper diet, rest and recovery are just as important to reach your physical potential.

We use a holistic approach when coaching our clients on nutrition, and we offer nutritional assistance that goes hand-in-hand with your fitness routine.

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Your body is the machine. You drive your transformation.

Have you been told you need a lot of complicated exercise equipment to get in the best shape of your life? We don’t agree.
Our job at DefineIt is to help you realize your own power.
Yes, we have state of the art equipment. We bring you more than eleven years of experience transforming lives through our Transformation Program, one-on-one personal training and holistic approach to nutrition.


We help you find your inner machine – we transform your mindset, teach you how to feed your body in a healthy way and we get your body moving. Our one-on-one coaching and personalized nutrition consulting give you the support you need to reach your fitness goals.
You don’t need to be a power trainer competing in an Ironman to benefit from our custom fitness and nutrition plans – although we can help you if that’s your goal! We help men and women of all shapes and sizes, busy corporate executives, people new to training and those who want to stay in good health as they age.


It’s never too late to change or start a fitness program!

Whatever your fitness goals, we help you DefineIt and get there. Contact us today for a free consultation and tour of the fitness studio.
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